Hi, I am Gypsy


From a very young age I have been into photography and art. I took a photography class in high school and learned to develop film. Then I owned my first DSLR that was film. In 2012, I bought my first digital dslr and began to advance my skills from there. As a photographer I have had the opportunity to capture so many people all over the USA. I have been on the backside of several racetracks; visited a lot of dog parks and beaches. I even grew up showing and training horses. For 2 plus years I traveled the country in a converted minivan with my dog "Saint" and had the opportunity to capture so many memories and sights. I love photography and even when I did not have a camera I found a way to capture moments with my phone.

After years of getting to capture so many people and animals, I have decided to make Jacksonville, Florida my home base. The ultimate goal is my own studio where I can set up some amazing sets for people to have a full immersive experience. I love seeing people smile and have fun. Being able to capture and create those moments are what I live for. I also want to be able to give the horse show competitor the advantage of getting some amazing show photos or give the dog trainer some wonderful shots to help promote their business.

My photography goal is and has always been to make dreams come true and create the memories that are worthy of a mantel or advertisement.



“Photos came out great. The session was sort of impromtu but was a blast. The creativeness to be able to improve was a wonderful surprise and made it super fun.”